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Elevating Cold Brew

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Clean, quality, delicious cold brew coffee

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Why Us

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In early 2019, as the Director of Wholesale for Victrola Coffee Roasters and Whidbey Coffee Co., I scoured the market for a copacking operation that matched the quality and experience I was committed to providing my customers. Soon, I became convinced if I was searching, I knew others were too.

In late 2020, Cool Crafted Beverage, LLC was launched to support the rapidly growing market of cold brew coffee, with an updated and modern approach to food safety, sustainability, and customer education. We are building a business that goes above and beyond the traditional brewing and packaging process. With the Cool Crafted team, you’ll find a true partner who collaborates with you to develop an original, best-in-class cold brew recipe, as well as tools to share the story that goes along with it.


At Cool Crafted Beverage, we are forging a new copacking model for the coffee industry.

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