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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.




Torsten Gohre 

Customer Service is my passion. I’ve traveled the globe, worked in a variety of hospitality and retail industries and I keep coming back to a simple strategy: Sell a quality product, offer a great customer experience, and have fun doing it! That’s what we are building.

I live by a work hard-play hard philosophy.

Anyone who’s worked with me knows that I roll up my sleeves and dig in, and I expect those around me to do the same. But I also believe that celebrating the small wins and steps of the journey reinforces the fun and builds a culture of teamwork.

I believe a company is only as strong as it’s people.

In all the positions I’ve held and teams I’ve been a part of, success has one constant: people. I am building a company that is built for people –our employees and our customers.

We will make a positive difference.

I have been afforded the opportunity to make a better life for myself than I would have otherwise had in South Africa (where I was born and raised). I feel a deep responsibility to pay it forward and build stronger communities—locally as well as the global coffee community.

3 things to know about me:​


What drives me? Connections, relationships, and experiences! From mucking horse stalls as a farmhand, serving tables at a restaurant, to selling for a Global 500 company, I’ve always been motivated by these three things. I entered the world of coffee three years ago, and I’ve been pleased to find it lends all three as well.

Growing up in rural East Tennessee.

My family has farmed and raised essential items to sustain the local community for generations. Likewise, the ability to connect my local community to that of coffee producers around the world is what I love most about being in the industry.


It may just be the Southerner in me.

I live to establish and cultivate genuine friendships with others. Through coffee, one can also form great relationships, whether it’s with co-op members in Burundi (my personal favorite coffee origin) or the friend you meet at your neighborhood café.


I love travelling.

I've had the wonderful experience of visiting coffee producing countries like Brazil. Even though the locals and I didn't speak the same language, we were able to connect, create lasting relationships, and have many unforgettable experiences. This is what it’s all about for me, and what I live and work for every day.

3 things to know about me:​

Spenser Jarvis

Relationship Builder and Business Success Manager


Grayson Hurd

My philosophy? Knowledge is power. I thrive in an open community, with people who are willing to throw out an idea, brainstorm, and change their mind when new information is presented. The coffee world is forever changing, and I am excited to be brewing cold brew, the wild frontier of coffee. Come join me and the rest of the Cool Crafted team, let's talk, share, and grow together! Maybe the next big idea is right under our nose. 

I'm all about community.

From the moment the coffee seed hits the dirt, every step in the process is essential to develop a quality cup. Farmers, field workers, truckers, roasters, warehouse workers, baristas, brewers, and anyone else that touches the bean strengthens the chain and makes our coffee community thrive.

I love experimenting with flavors.

I am a home chef and amateur mixologist; I know the right balance of fresh ingredients and experimentation can work into something magic. Coffee is one of the most flavor-diverse foods on the planet. There are many nuanced tasting notes that can be pulled from every cup, I say why not mix it up and draw outside the lines, you just might strike gold! 

Music is where my heart lies.

Writing and playing music is an expression of self, who you are, where you came from, and what matters to you. Playing in a band lets me share this passion with the world… and exercise a totally different part of my brain than when I’m brewing.

3 things to know about me:​

Head Brewer & Operations Manager

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