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Keeping it simple & let science do the work.

Our Process 

Cold brew is made by soaking ground coffee in cold or room-temperature water, extracting sugars, oils, and caffeine, highlighting the inherent quality of your coffee beans.


We do the research for you

It starts with the correct ratio of water to ground coffee for steeping the perfect cold brew. Our brew team saves you the hard work and calculates the recipe for you.



We combine the precise dose of ground coffee and fresh mineral enriched water. We rely on our industry trusted Mahlkönig to deliver a consistent grind, which is essential for the best tasting cold brew.



The magic happens during the steeping process: Perfect temperature (water temperature affects acidity), ample time, and a little blessing from Saint Drogo of Sebourg = Great tasting cold brew coffee.

*The patron saint of coffee, of course!



Once the brew process is complete, we do some final QC before we transfer the cold brew into a cooling tank and prepare for packaging.


Packaging and Transportation

Kegs and cans are filled, labeled, palatized, and prepped for collection or delivery.


Ready for Serving

Now you are ready to enjoy! Simply enjoy straight, over ice or with a splash of your favorite milk. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out our favorite recipes and ways we like to enjoy our cold brew.

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