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Who We Are

We know the challenges coffee roasters face developing an edge in the market and building loyal customers - we experienced it ourselves. Partnering with roasters to expand their product portfolio and include the perfectly crafted cold brew coffee is not just our business, but our passion. Our copacking process will create a unique, premium product that adds value to your business and facilitates growth. Teamwork makes the dream work.


The Facility

High quality cold brew starts with a clean, safe and flexible production facility. Our facility delivers on our promise to provide a differentiated copacking experience.

  • We have a research and development lab to support collaboration and customer education

  • We place a premium on sourcing local vendors and buying sustainable materials.

  • We operate a highly efficient and sustainable facility and production line.

  • Food safety is paramount. We are proud to have the following certifications (HACCP, WSDA etc.) so that you can rest easy knowing that your customers will always receive a safe and healthy finished product.

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The Process

Once we receive your roasted whole bean coffee, our brewmaster takes it through a meticulous R&D process—adjusting the grind, dose, steep time, temperature, and other variables, in order to determine the perfect cold brew recipes for your distinct coffees.

The Product

Cool Crafted Beverage™ sets the new industry standard for clean, quality, delicious cold brew coffee. Available in nitro or still, our process showcases the inherent qualities of your beans, their blends, and origins, even as a cold brew. We know the time and care that’s gone into crafting your uniquely different and delightful coffees—now let us do the same in delivering you a new standard of cold brew. Simply sip and enjoy!

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